Branding & Individual Recognition Clip Templates - Due 25 days before ceremony


Please submit the following files to your Shared Folder

  • Logo and Branding, including preferred hashtag
  • Clip Site Search Bar Background Image 
  • Individual Recognition Clip assets:
    • Intro and Closing video
    • Start/End captions 
    • Slide backgrounds

Participant Lists - Due 20 days before ceremony


Participant Lists are imported into our system to start the process of inviting participants to upload content for their StageClips and/or Virtual Ceremony. It is important that the lists are properly formatted. Please download our template to assist you with proper formatting, and submit your final lists to your Shared Folder (sent in your email communications.)


Important Notes:

  • Specifications:  Spreadsheet, .xls or .csv
  • Must include one separate column for the each of the following
  • Full Name (single line, one column on spreadsheet) - 50 character limit
  • Degree or other sub-title (single line, one column on spreadsheet) - 90 character limit
  • Second sub-title (single line, one column on spreadsheet) - 50 character limit
  • Student ID (optional)
  • Email Address – one per participant
  • Snapchat Lens designation if applicable
    • Participants will have access to only one Lens each.  If you have more than one Snapchat Lens within a single ceremony, you must provide StageClip with a participant list that indicates which lens each participant has access to.
  • Please note that names and sub-titles will appear on the clips exactly as they do in the spreadsheet, including spelling and capitalization.
  • Participants will appear in the ceremony in the same order they are listed on the Participant List
  • If you wish to separate clips by ceremony/school, please include only one ceremony per worksheet
  • If you have participants who are participating in more than one ceremony, or multiple times within the same ceremony, please alert us to that fact.



Platform Ceremony Speeches and Videos - Due 12 days before ceremony


Please submit Platform ceremony speeches and other video that appear before and after the student section in the virtual ceremony into your Shared Folder (link above). Please note that creative video editing services are not included in the Standard Package. StageClip will not be adding any graphics, music, or otherwise altering your speech clips or submitted ceremony videos. Please complete any desired editing to the speeches and ceremony video prior to submission. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact your StageClip representative, or contact


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