Your ceremony videos need to go in your StageClip shared folder and be labelled correctly so we can ensure that they play in the right sequence before and after the participant sections.


  • Your videos should be 720p or 1080p
  • MOV or MP4 file format 


Please provide us with one compilation video for the start of the ceremony and one video for the end of the ceremony (2 total). These can include as many individual videos as you like but should be combined into one video file for the opening and one video file for the closing. This allows you to add custom transitions and ensures that they are to your specification. 

In lieu of submitting fully assembled open and close, you may submit up to 5 individual video files and we will assemble them in the order that you indicate. It's important to note that we do not alter speeches or apply other creative video editing services as part of the standard package. StageClip will not be adding any graphics, music, or otherwise altering your speech clips; they should be submitted as you would like them to appear in the ceremony. 

Alternatively, if you require specialist graphics, animations or creative video editing this can be requested by contacting one of our account managers who will take your brief and quote for the work. Please contact us at


Please make sure that you only use music which you have the right to and is approved for use on YouTube. If you are flagged by YouTube your video will either play with the music and adverts which are monetized by the artist or the music will be muted to avoid the contravention of copyright.


Please use the following to name your files

  • CeremonyOpening.mp4 
  • CeremonyClosing.mp4