Individual recognition clips are separate from the virtual celebration ceremony.  They are unique clips created for each individual participant to download and share on social media.

Typically individual recognition clips follow a format where institutions can include a few seconds of marketing video at the start of the clip and a few seconds at the end.  

The opening video traditionally includes a school logo, b-roll footage of campus/classrooms, or a short message from the administrator. The closing video is often a static slide with branding and engagement messaging or a video with message. You can be as creative as you wish.

You can view some example clip opening videos here and some example closing videos here.


  1. OPENING – 1 image file or 10-15 seconds of a single video
  2. CLOSING – 1 image file or 5-10 seconds of video
  3. Naming standards– Please use the following to name your files
    • RecognitionClipOpening.mp4 (.jpg .png)
    • RecognitionClipClosing.mp4 (.jpg .png) 


  • Video – MP4, at least 720p but prefer 1080p, no 4k, 16:9 ratio
  • Image – .JPG or .PNG, horizontal aspect, 300dpi

Please submit your Individual Recognition Clip files to your Shared Folder.