Research has shown that participants hearing their name being announced is the second most important factor behind being able to share their moment. Your options are to self-record or to use a professional service.

1. Record your own names - Free of Charge

The pros 

  • The familiar voice of Principal or Dean gives a personal touch
  • Principals/Deans/Teachers etc. know how to pronounce the name of participants
  • This service is provided at no cost

The cons 

  • Professional voice artists bring a level of impact and clarity rarely achieved by a non-professional person
  • It takes time to record and label the files for each participant

Example Spreadsheet Attached - Directions for use below

  1. Audio files must be mp3, wav, or m4a in a zip folder
  2. Each name recording must be submitted as a separate file
  3. Audio recordings must be edited to exclude silence at the beginning and end
  4. File names must exactly match the ID column in the reference excel. (student ID's or StageClip assigned ID's)
  5. If you need StageClip to assign IDs, please submit your Participant Lists to us and we’ll return it to you with that field added
  6. Finished recordings and reference spreadsheet must be submitted at least 12 days prior to the ceremony

2. Professional Name Recording

MarchingOrder - If you have a combined package with MarchingOrder we have a seamless integration with their service. If you are considering Professional Name Recording and do not yet have a quotation we can arrange this for you.

Other third party vendors - We can arrange a quotation for you.