YouTube Premieres lets you and your viewers watch and experience a new video together. It's like a movie or TV show premiere. Premiering your video lets you schedule a video upload and create buzz around the video with a shareable watch page.

Viewers can watch the premiere on any platform like a computer, iOS, Android and mWeb.

Before the premiere starts:

A public watch page is created. The video will eventually be premiered on this watch page. This page is embedded on your StageClip Clip Site as well.

You can interact with your audience in comments and live chat. This feature is on by default, but can be disabled by request.

When the premiere starts:

  • A countdown will appear during the first two minutes of the premiere. When the countdown has finished, viewers watch the video together in real time
  • Viewers can't scrub forwards, but they can scrub backwards during the stream
  • The concurrent viewers count shows the number of viewers watching
  • You can interact with your audience in comments and live chat

When the premiere is over:

  • The video remains on your channel as regular on-demand video. This will be available for a minimum of one year.
    • Note: After the premiere, the countdown won't be included in your video.
  • Chat Replay is available for viewers who want to experience the premiere chat after it has ended. You can turn off live chat at any time. Please ask us -