No gown. No problem!

  • Our SnapChat lenses put grads in a virtual cap and gown in your institution colors.
  • If you would like a SnapChat lens, you will be sent an email with a form to complete.
  • Lenses are branded with your logo and to your specification, and sent to you for approval before going live.
  • Grads SnapChat videos are included within a participants recognition clip. 
  • SnapChat Lenses are excellent social media marketing!  We will provide a full statistical report with the results achieved.


Can I have a Masters and Undergrad cap and gown lenses?  YES

Can I have just a gown and no cap or vice versa? YES

Can I have a lens for my institution even if I'm not using StageClip for a virtual celebration ceremony? YES

Try one!  
Open the Snapchat app on your phone and hold the camera over the barcode and snap to activate the lens.