Send communication emails to participants from your OWN DOMAIN

Step 1

In order to get set-up please reply here with the email address, you would like to send from. eg.
When we have this, we will send you a validation message to that account. Please forward this message to

Step 2

To ensure your students will successfully receive emails sent from the system to be able to participate, you must ensure email from the following IP address will not be blocked. Your IT department will need to assist with this setup.

1. Forward this email to your Email Administrator and/or IT Administrator and ask them to:

2. Whitelist the IP address in their SPF record

3. Email so we can verify it has been done

All emails sent from StageClip will originate from the IP Address:

All emails feature your logo. Your logo should be put in your StageClip shared folder (link sent to you by email).  For best results use a PNG image with a transparent background.

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