File Guidelines and Specifications

Please place the following files/data in your Shared Folder.  Your Shared Folder link was sent in previous email communication.  If you do not know your Shared Folder link, contact us at

Your Institution’s Logo and Brand Guidelines - Due 25 Days Before

  • Include a primary and secondary color choice - hex numbers work best. You can upload your logo here and get the hex number for your logo colors.
  • Desired hashtag for use on your Ceremony Site.
  • Logo in PNG / JPEG format, in color and in white with a transparent background



Clip Site Background Image (Optional) – Due 25 days before

  • Specifications:  PNG / JPEG , 1300 x600 
  • This is a background image to sit behind the search bar for the individual clips
  • Be sure to choose an image that is abstract with no text, allowing your search bar and hashtag/text to sit on the image and enables a clean look when optimized for mobile
  • If you choose not to provide a background image, we will use a solid color background consistent with your brand guidelines.
  • Examples:







Start/End Captions for Individual Clips (Optional) – Due 25 days before

  • Specifications:  PNG / JPEG, 1920 x 1080
  • We can provide basic captions with your messaging, or you can create your own
  • End Captions are good for including alumni, congratulations or marketing messages and hashtags
  • Please note that these files are for the individual clips only and will not be included in your Virtual Ceremony.  If you would like to include the captions in the ceremony, please build them into the ceremony video, as we cannot accept graphic files for the ceremony itself.
  • Examples:  



Opening & Closing Video for Individual Recognition Clips (Optional) – Due 25 days before

  • Specifications:  H.264 / MP4 , 1920 x 1080, 5 - 10Mbs
  • We recommend pre roll no longer than 10 seconds and out roll no longer than 5 seconds
  • Click here for an example
  • Please note these files are for the individual clips only and will not be added to your ceremony unless you specifically request that we include them.



Platform Ceremony Speeches and Video – Due 12 days before

  • Specifications:  H.264 / MP4 , 1080p
  • Please submit one fully assembled opening video with as many speeches/elements as you would like, as well as one fully assembled closing
  • Please keep your combined ceremony video to a maximum length of one hour
  • StageClip will not be adding any graphics, music, or otherwise altering your ceremony video - Please complete any desired editing to the speeches prior to submission
  • In lieu of submitting one complete opening and one complete closing, you may submit up to 5 separate video elements which we will assemble with smooth transitions in the order you indicate
  • Files should be named with the following naming convention
    • CeremonyOpen.mp4
    • CeremonyClose.mp4
  • Please submit your ceremony video to your StageClip Shared folder, which will be emailed to you