StageClip Producer - File Guidelines and Specifications

Following are the guidelines and specifications for the media files you'll be importing into the Producer platform. Instructions and tutorials on how to submit files into Producer will be available to you, and the StageClip client success team will be available to assist you as well.

  • Your Institution’s Logo and Brand Guidelines 
    • Include a primary and secondary color choice (hex numbers work best)
    • You can upload your logo here to get the hex number for your logo colors
    • Desired hashtag for use on Ceremony Site
    • Logo as a .jpg or .png with a transparent background

  • Pre-Roll/Close Video for Individual Clips(Optional)
    • Specifications:  H.264 / MP4 , 1920 x 1080, 5 - 10Mbs
    • Pre-Roll/Close Video is optional video used for the open and/or close of the individual recognition clips
    • We recommend pre roll of approximately 10-15 seconds and closing video of approximately 5 seconds
    • You do not need to add music to your pre-roll/close video. This will be done in the Producer platform and can be supplied by StageClip, or you can use your own. Please be sure that any music you provide is not restricted by copyright.
    • Click here for an example of Pre-Roll/Close Video
    • Graphic files for the pre-roll/close can be provided as PNG or JPEG, 1920 x 1080
  • Platform Ceremony Speeches and Video 
    • Specifications:  H.264 / MP4 , 1080p
    • We recommend creating one fully assembled opening video with as many speeches/elements as you would like, as well as one fully assembled closing
    • Please keep your combined ceremony video to a maximum length of one hour
    • Please complete any desired editing to the speeches and ceremony video prior to submission, including graphics, music, and transitions
    • In lieu of submitting one complete opening and one complete closing, you may submit up to 15 separate video elements which can be assembled with smooth transitions in the Producer platform