StageClip Producer – Recommended Timeline

Following is the recommended timeline for your Virtual Celebration using the StageClip Producer platform.

Please note that except where indicated, these are recommendations only. You as the administrator have full control over the timeline.

60-35 days before
Setup your StageClip Producer account using the email you’ll receive from StageClip

Upload Logo and Brand colors

Setup ceremony dates and times

Complete your Instagram Lens Setup form (if applicable)

Submit your Survey Questions (if applicable)

28 days before
Upload your Participant Lists to Producer

Set your Participant Submission window

Schedule your Participant Email Communications


28-14 days before
Participant portal opens for submissions

  • Portal should be open for a minimum of one week

14 days before 

Choose your ceremony theme

Upload your video assets

Create your Individual Clip Template


10-5 days before

Upload your ceremony speeches and videos

Create your finished ceremony

7 days before

Participant Submission Deadline - Hard Deadline

  • You may set your participant submission deadline for any time up to 7 days prior to the ceremony date

6 days before

Complete any outstanding moderation of participant submissions

  • Be sure to moderate any last-minute submissions prior to publishing your ceremony

7-2 days before

Export Ceremony and complete any captioning if applicable

Publish ceremony to YouTube – – Hard Deadline 

  • Your ceremony and clips must be published no later than 2 days prior to your ceremony