StageClip Producer - Participant Lists and Whitelisting

Following is information on how to format your participant lists for importing into the StageClip Producer platform. Additionally, information is included for Whitelisting StageClip communications to ensure emails are not blocked or marked as spam. 

  • Participant Lists – Download Example
    • Specifications: Spreadsheet in .csv formatting
    • Must include one separate column for the each of the following
      • First Name (one column on spreadsheet)
        • 50-character limit (recommended)
      • Last Name (one column on spreadsheet)
        • 50-character limit (recommended)
      • Degree or other sub-title (single line, one column on spreadsheet)
        • 90-character limit
      • Second sub-title (optional, single line, one column on spreadsheet)
        • 50-character limit
      • Student ID (optional)
      • Email Address – one per participant
    • If you need to add middle names or suffixes, you will need to combine those with the first and/or last name column
    • Please note that names and sub-titles will appear on the clips exactly as they do in the spreadsheet, including spelling and capitalization
    • Participants will appear in the ceremony in the same order they are listed on the Participant List, although you will have the ability to re-order them manually in the Producer platform
    • If you have multiple ceremonies, please be sure to separate your participant lists 

Following is an example of how the information you enter on your Participant List will appear in your ceremony and/or clips:

  • Whitelisting
    • Your IT department will need the following information to ensure that your participants receive all communications sent from the StageClip Producer platform
    • You will have the ability to set your own send from address if you would like for emails to appear to come from your institution, rather than from StageClip