Suggested copy for your web pages and email communications

Following is some suggested copy for your email communications, web pages, and/or social media channels, to help communicate your plans for the virtual celebration. Communicating with your participants early and often plays a key role in increasing engagement rates, which ultimately leads to a more personal experience for the graduates and their families.


This year because of the COVID-19 emergency we won’t be able to graduate in the normal way. However, we want to make things as special as we possibly can for all our graduating students. On {DATE/TIME} we’ll have a virtual celebration ceremony. We will honor you as individuals and you’ll be part of a special communal experience on-line. 

We are focused on celebration, the sense of occasion, being with friends and recognizing your unique place in human history. The resilient Class of 202will be forever immortalized! Our wish is to create a memorable, uplifting moment for you. 

We want you to look forward with confidence, look forward to graduating and look forward to your future! We’re delighted to welcome you to your virtual graduation. Congratulations!


How will you be recognized?


It’s all about you!


See how it works 


    1. PERSONAL INVITATION - On {INVITATION DATE} you will receive an email to your {INSTITUTION NAME} email address with a link to upload a photo, personal message, and/or 10 second video. Your personal messages will be included in the ceremony for all to see.
    2. VIRTUAL CEREMONY (Date/Time) - We’ll use your custom content and put you in the graduation procession with your fellow classmates. On the big day, invite your friends and family to join!
    3. ALUMNI GIFT - You’ll also receive your personal StageClip – an individual recognition video clip which celebrates your achievement.  Share it proudly!

 Additional information to share AFTER your upload invitations are sent from StageClip

If you cannot locate your personal invitation to upload content for the virtual graduation, please be sure to first check your spam/junk mail folder. You can also visit and enter your {INSTITUTION NAME} email address to request that a new invitation be sent. Remember, your invitation is unique to you, please do not share your link with other graduates.